• Q. What is the Foundation’s mission?
    The purpose of the Eagle Foundation is to promote, maintain, and improve the quality of education in the public schools of Sidney, Montana in ways that would not happen with traditional funding alone.

    Q. What will the money from the foundation support?
    A.   Gifts to the Foundation can be utilized to support any existing or new program in the school district.
    Current areas in need of attention includes sciences, classroom needs, and the arts.
    Please see our Projects and Fundraisers Page.

    Q.  Can I designate a use for my donation?
    A.  Yes, you are able to ‘earmark’ any donation you make to the foundation.

    Q. How many different ways are there for me to contribute to the Eagle Foundation?
    A.There are many opportunities to make a gift to the Foundation. Please see the How to Donate page.

    Why should I make a charitable donation in my will?
    A.   In many cases a charitable gift from planning your estate may result in significant savings for you and your heirs. You will not only find joy in knowing that you have given to a worthy cause, but you will have left a legacy in doing so.

    Q.  Is there a limit to how much I can give to charity?
    A.   There is no limit to the amount you can contribute to the foundation.

    Want to Donate? Please see the How to Donate page.