• Hello...I'm Mrs. Beyer!
         First of all let me start off by telling you a bit about myself.  My husband and I have lived here in Sidney for 35 years.  He is from the Sidney/Fairview area.  We have 4 grown children-James, Raechal, Sarah, and John.   :) I am "Grammy Tammy" to 6 beautiful and loving grandchildren.  All my children and grandchildren live here in town so we get to spend a lot of fun times together.  
         I'm very excited to have your child in my classroom this year.  I love teaching and work very hard to do the best job I can.  It's amazing to watch the light bulbs turn on in your child's eyes as they learn new things and become life-long learners.
         I believe in good communication and will always let you know what is going on with your child whether it is out of concern or to celebrate their many successes.  I communicate via the phone, email, or notes home.  If you have a concern or question email, send a note, or call to set up a time to visit afterschool.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.
         Please check your child's backpack and blue folder daily.  Most of the time that is how teachers communicate back and forth with notes about upcoming activities or items of concern or excitement.  Your child will have math and reading homework almost every day.  It will be on the "Return to School" side of their folders.  Then need to do their homework daily and place it back in the "Return to School" side so that it gets brought back to school the next day.  As a rule, your child will very rarely have homework on Wednesdays or Fridays.
         Your child is required to wear tennis shoes and dress appropriately for P.E.  They may leave their shoes at school in their locker. We try to discourage the children from wearing flip flops to recess because we always have stubbed toes or twisted ankles due to the children running around having fun.
         If your child is a "picker-upper" you may pick them up at the LDS parking lot.  First graders are usually dismissed at the recess doors by the gym and then escorted through the gate by the gym and you may pick them up there.  Parent, please use the crosswalks when you pick up your child!  Often parents will walk with their children out into the street and because we teach them to use the crosswalk they get flustered.  The crosswalk duty teacher might give you a gentle reminder about this.  Bussers will go out the front doors by the office to then get on their bus.
         Also, please make sure your first grader knows what they are to do at the end of each and every day.  They get so panicked when they don't know that to do after school.  Often times they don't say anything to me until its dismissal time and if they are a busser them may miss the bus while we try to get a hold of you to find out.  Your child's safety is extremely important to me so if they are deviating from riding the bus or if someone, other than yourself, is picking them up, please send a note with them in the morning or call the office before 2:45ish so that we are sure to get the message.  We cannot let them deviate or go with someone else if we do not have your permission.
         Having said all of the above, this is going to be an awesome year and I am so grateful to have the privilege to teach your child this year.
                                                                                                   Mrs. Tammy Beyer
                                                                                                   Email: tbeyer@sidney.k12.mt.us
                                                                                                   Phone: 433-2530