• I can be reached by phone (406)-433-2330 ext. 5337 or by email cweltikol@sidneyps.com
    I will get back to you as soon as I am available to do so.
    Students need to come to class prepared and with all materials. Homework needs to be completed on time, usually at the beginning of class or online at the end of the day, unless there has been a discussed late situation, and the student has gotten my permission to turn the homework in at a later date. I will NOT accept late work after 1 school week past the assignment's due date, after it's been handed back to students, reviewed/graded in class, or after the end of the quarter/semester
    Students need to make up quizzes and tests prior to being absent (if known, such as school activities), OR a make-up date with the teacher needs to be arranged. If a quiz or test is not made up in a school week's time, usually a few days after the original quiz/test date, the student will receive a ZERO. If a student is absent and fails to communicate with the teacher to arrange a make-up date, OR if a student misses their make-up date (without a legitimate reason), the student has the potential to earn a ZERO
    For a weekly schedule of homework, visit Lesson Plans to see upcoming homework and other classroom activities. This gives you the opportunity to take care of classroom business in case of an absence. Students can also visit our Google Classroom, where videos and assignments can be located and turned in. There is also a weekly calendar available in my classroom for students to copy!
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    Remember, when students miss a day of school, not only do they get behind in classroom work but also a day of learning. This includes a lot of classroom discussion and comprehension of the material.
    School-related or COVID-19/illness-related absences need to be communicated to the teacher. The Google Classroom is a great resource for students to get the work for the day, as well as the lesson. It is in the student's best interest to try and complete the assignment for the day online if possible, especially when the student knows of an assignment prior to leaving. Otherwise, a student will have one day to finish the work, unless the assignment's due date has been given prior to the student's absence (Example: An essay assignment is given on Monday and students are told it's due Friday. The student is absent Thursday. The essay is still due Friday.) Communication is key in this matter!
    Homework that is assigned prior to when a student is absent, with the student's advanced knowledge, must be finished upon the student's return. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
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    Please help your child make good choices and habits when it comes to missing school, especially when participating in activities that are NOT school-related.
    Remember, students get however many days they were absent, plus one, to make up the work they missed while gone, however, this has been adjusted due to the virtual learning aspect of our classroom. Students must still get a slip from the office, excusing them from school for whatever reason they were gone. (Please refer to page 3 of the Student Handbook)
     - Writing utensil (preferably pencils WITH erasers )
     - Proper text for a class
     - Binder with loose leaf paper or notebook for class
     - Folder (to keep track of worksheets as we have a lot of handouts)
     - Planner
     - Non-Black Pen (for class corrections)
     - (I also suggest a USB for online work, colored markers/pencils, highlighters, and notecards for presentations)
    Rules for Class:
     - Snacks are allowed in class (this can be revoked if issues or disruption to the learning environment takes place)
     - Drinks MUST have seal-able lids
     - C.A.R.E. (Courteous, Always Prepared, Respect, Effort)
     - Be in your seats, ready to go when the bell rings. This Will result in a tardy if you are not
     - Use restroom PRIOR to coming to school (if there is an emergency or a medical issue, student/parents must communicate this with the school/teacher)
     - Phones, Ipads, Macs. air pods (etc.) are acceptable in class. However, permission must be given before accessing these electronic tools. Otherwise, they will be confiscated
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    First Offense - Conference with the teacher after class (may result in tardy to next class)   
    Second Offense - 30-minute detention with the teacher after school                                                 
    Third Offense - 1-hour detention (with a teacher before/after school or lunch detention)                 
    Fourth Offense - office referral                                                                                                       
    ***If repeats of offenses happen periodically or a severe enough action occurs, certain steps may be skipped and lead directly to detention or office referral***