• Sidney Public Schools Commitments as developed by the

    District PLC
    Leadership Team are as follows


    Sidney Public Schools Commitment Statements


    SPS is committed to implementation of quality academic standards through the PLC process to ensure student achievement.


    SPS is committed to maintaining a passion for teaching and compassion for each student.


    SPS is committed to common behavioral expectations to provide a safe, supportive environment where respect for diversity is modeled by everyone.


    SPS is committed to actively engaging all students in a variety of learning activities.


    SPS is committed to providing opportunities for co-curricular activities that further develop life-skills.


    SPS is committed to maintaining open, effective communication with staff, students, and community in a timely and consistent manner. 


    SPS is committed to the purposeful use of data to inform and advance student learning in all areas.

    Curriculum and Policy

    SPS is committed to providing rigorous curricula at all levels and policies that direct instruction and student learning.


    SPS is committed to providing students an education that instills a desire for life-long learning.