• The Team Travelled to Miles City to compete against 22 schools.  As you can see we have way more competitors travelling with us this week.  The Speech/Debate Team placed 3rd over all.The Drama Team placed 3rd over all. The bus was loaded and ready to go by 5:30am and from this photo they all seem to be in good spirits.


    This photo was taken right after warm ups and before the first round of the day.


    Lauryn Barnhard and Naomi Mata competed in Public Forum Debate and placed 2nd.


    Senior Luke Turek placed 4th in Original Oratory (photo with Olly)


    Most of the team waiting to see if they made finals. 
    If they don't make finals they go and watch usually someone from out team that made finals to support them.

     Milespaper Shoua Vang, Yarenci Gonzalez, Tyler Berka, Autumn Davidson Christine Turek, Noah Kyhl, Lorraine Coronato
    Lauryn Barnhart, Naomi Mata, Shea Roberts, Josie Yokim, Randy Lander, Luke Turek, Daniel Schneider, Josh Delaney, Atlas Hill, Isaac Quiroz

    Yarenci and Tyler