• The Team won Both Speech and Drama Sweeps!!
    Plentywood was good to our TEAM!!!

     We travelled with 21 competitors this week(still not the full team).  If you look at the photo below you will see most of the team...I say most of the team because Sam was late..20 minutes late...almost left behind late..It was nice that it was only an hour and half drive. There were 13 schools with almost 200 student cometitors competing.


    Awards were a ton of fun.  It always is fun when we win. The whole team made it to finals.  Seniors Luke Turek, Kyle Topp and Atlas Hill all placed first in their events.


    The Classical group finished 6th, 5th and 4th.  Hum Duos finished 4th and of course Kyle brought home the hardware.


    Random photos taken in the "holding" area.. I don't think Christine is happy to be forced to be in the photo.


    This is a great representation of the different personalities


    The Team Travells to Billing Central next week.  It looks like it will be a mini divisionals, just missing Havre and Park. 

    Have a wonderful week!