• Second Semester Reminders for Seniors

    1. Transcripts:

                      A: 7th semester transcripts are now ready to send to colleges and to use for scholarships.  Must use the College Transcript Request or Scholarship Transcript Request to get these from Mrs. Collins. Transcripts will not be printed without written requests from the student. 

                     B: When requesting transcripts for scholarships, please request multiple copies if completing a lot of scholarships. Suggested is 10-15. Please allow 1 school day for Mrs Collins to process the transcripts. You may pick them up on her desk when they are completed. 

                     C: FINAL TRANSCRIPTS WILL BE SENT TO YOUR COLLEGE AFTER SCHOOL IS FINISHED FOR THE YEAR FOR GRADES 9-12.  THERE IS NO NEED TO REQUEST YOUR FINAL TRANSCRIPT, THIS IS AUTOMATICALLY DONE FOR YOU.  If you have not met with Mrs. Collins to finalize your post secondary plans, please do so as soon as possible. 

                    D: If you took dual credit during high school, YOU need to call the college and request that your college transcript be sent to your college. Mrs. Collins can not do that for you.  This needs to be done before your orientation for school and there is a fee. 


    2: Scholarships

                 A: Check Mrs. Collins scholarship page often, even daily after March 1st. Scholarship deadlines will also be posted on the bullitan board in the 200 wing.  Open scholarships are in BOLD, do not fill out a scholarship until it is open. 

                 B: If filling out a local scholarship, make sure that it has a cover page and is placed in a report card cover. Do not use a pencil to fill out scholarships. 

                C: You should have at least three letters of recommendations for scholarships. This should have been completed during the 1st semester.  A reminder that the Henry Elm scholarship needs a letter of recommendation from an administrator.  Letter of rec info sheets are on the bullitan board in the 200 wing. 

               D: Fill out every scholarship that you qualify for! This is free money that organizations are giving to your class, take advantage! 


    Example of Scholarship cover page 

    3. Grades 

          A: Please stay on top of your grades this semester.  Seniors have a tendacy to slack in 3rd Q, which makes for a stressful 4th Q for many people. Enjoy your last semester of high school!