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    The above link will take you to a webpage walking you through step-by-step guidelines to access the Fastbridge Assessments, aReading and aMath.  These assessments WILL help me and the Sidney Public School District better support your child(ren) in the event that additional academic supports are needed this summer to be better prepared for re-entering on campus learning in Fall 2021.  Please follow the guidelines presented on this next page and use the student usernames and passwords sent via email this week along with quarter reports concerning your student's courses, grades, progress, and if additional progress is needed to complete those online courses.


    As always, if you have any questions, PLEASE contact Mr. Shane Jensen at (406)433-7567 or email him at  He/I will try to help in any way I can.


    Here's that link again to the access page.... 


My Acellus Info Page

  • The hope here is that I can address any larger concerns or issues you, if you are a student or a parent of a student who has opted out for this semester and is using the Acellus Learning platform for your distance learning replacement for on-site in-class learning, may have or have had, and I am addressing.

  • Acellus Tips

    USE the "Classes" tab in the Student Dashboard in order to move on in a course.  DO NOT use the "Progress" tab, it is not a good indicator to tell you if you've gotten enough progress in the week.



    To check your PROGRESS, use the "Scores" tab.  This will show you, the student, your current grade and your current completion percentage - which is your PROGRESS Indicator.  For Full-Year courses, try to get a minimum of 5% per week per course.  And, for Semester courses, try to get 8% to 10% per week per course.  If you can establish this very positive trend week-to-week, you will be eligible for additional opportunities to ensure (1) to be ready for next year when you come back on site for in-class learning, and/or (2) if you are a high school student, you'll be able to take more courses to gain MORE credit, to get that much more done toward high school graduation and potential upper level course opportunities and likely more freedom to take courses you like to take in your junior and senior years.


    For now, I hope these tips give you a great advantage in your learning and in your progress.  If you have any questions, please contact me, Shane Jensen.

  • Grading & Attendance

    probably the two BIGGEST concerns we have with our opt-out students.  Please PAY ATTENTION.



    Each quarter a student will need to meet the (absolute) minimum expectation of 60% of what is expected as far as PROGRESS in each of their courses.  IF you are in a Full-Year course, you will need to meet (or beat) 60% of what is essentially 25% course completion.  So, for a Full-Year course, a student would need to have at least 15% course completion in each course.  If that expectation is met, then the student would receive the grade they currently have in that course.  For K-8 students, an emphasis is placed upon the ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Science courses.  Other courses will be expected to also be following this expectation, but a strict emphasis is to be placed each quarter upon these primary four course subjects.  If the expectation is not met, an "F" will be placed in the grade report for that course.

    Likewise, but just slightly different, Semester courses, because they are 1/2 as long, need twice as much percent progress at the quarters.  So, as an example, at the first quarter, all semester courses will be expected to get 60% of 1/2 the course completed (or 50%).  This would mean that semester courses which meet (or beat) 30% complete will receive the current grade in that course at that time.  If a course has not met the 30% mark at quarter, that course will receive an "F".  It is extraordinarily important to be in communication with the district's Acellus supervisor, Shane Jensen, concerning any questions or issues. I am here to help and guide.  Give me a chance to make this a great experience, even though it is so different from what "normal" school is.

    We do follow the district calendar for all dates regarding end of quarters and semesters.  FOR this 1st Quarter, as a point of historical record, IF your student has not met this low/minimum expectation of 60% of the expected "on-pace" progress goal, then an "Incomplete" will be entered into the student's grade record for the 1st quarter for that specific content area.  PLEASE make sure your student is meeting progress expectations.  (1) Check the Acellus Parent Portal whenever you need.  (2) Also, you may contact me, Shane Jensen, if you want to speak to someone who can give you the details quickly and possibly a little insight as to how it's going so far.  Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have questions or concerns. Thanks.



    Attendance is not as strict, yet very important.  We really encourage all opt-out students to be online, on the program, at least 4 days of the week.  We are looking at all students' progress and seat time data each and every day.  If your student has progress and time on the program on a given day, your student will get credit for attendance that day.  It is that simple.  

    There is no strict guideline that states a student HAS to be on during a specific set of hours or even a specific set of days.  What's most important is the number of days per week and the PROGRESS (which ties directly into the GRADE).

    As well, this is an opportunity for families to take care of whatever family issues, needs or choices may arise.  If you do plan to take a family vacation, this is perfectly fine.  If a family medical issue arises and the student can't get on the Acellus platform for a total of four days in a week, this is fine.  PLEASE if there is anything that takes a student away from being able to be online for four days in a week, let myself or Jeana Barnhart know.  She has been delegated to make contact every week or every other week depending on hours.  As well, if you need anything, I am available as well.  Please call (406-433-7567) or email me ( if you need to let anyone know about an EXCUSED absence.  

    Many occassions can be deemed EXCUSED.  Please ask, and we'll do what we can (when we can).