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    ABSENCES: Regular attendance without tardiness is crucial. If your child is going to be absent, communication is important. You must call the office before 9:00 am  @ (406)433-2530. If the absence is planned, please notify the classroom teacher in advance regarding makeup work.


    FRIDAY SCHOOL - August 20, September 10

    NOON RELEASE - October 20, November 24

    THANKSGIVING BREAK - November 25 – 26

    CHRISTMAS BREAK - December 23 – 31




    TIMES:   School begins: 7:55am  1/2 Day Dismissal: 12:00am  Full Day Dismissal: 3:40pm

    DISMISSAL:  Dismissal will begin at 3:35 for all bus students. Bus and walker students will be escorted out their designated exit doors. Please do not come to the classroom to pick up your child. You will need to get out of your vehicle to come get them. If you make arrangements, other than your child’s normal routine, please send a note or call and leave a message with the office

    SPECIALS: Your child will have P.E. and Music every day. Your child’s P.E. shoes can be kept at school and will only be worn in the gym. Your child will have GUIDANCE once a month and Mrs. Linder will teach LIBRARY once a week on Wednesday. Students may check out a book if they return their previous book. If they forget to bring their book back, it is not a big deal. Please do not make a special trip to school- just send it back the following week. You will receive a calendar with the schedule in your child’s take-home folder.


    Class Rules


    BEHAVIORI have four rules in my classroom. They include Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be a Learner, and Be Safe. You will also hear from your child my classroom PAX rules. Occasionally, you might receive a ‘Behavior Incident Form’ regarding your child’s behavior. This can be perceived as a negative report; however, it’s actually a means of communication between school and home. It informs you of a situation in which an appropriate choice has not been made. Although the situation has been addressed at school, your support and reinforcement at home is appreciated. I also send “Toodles” (positive notes) to let you know if your child went above and beyond as a PAX Leader.




    We will celebrate your child’s birthday in our classroom on his/her birthday. You may send a special treat to school! Birthday food/snacks must be packaged and bought from a grocery store/bakery. DO NOT send nuts because we are a nut free school.

    Please make sure to send all the necessary utensils (napkins, silverware, plates, cups). If it falls on a weekend or holiday, we will celebrate on a Thursday or Monday. If it falls in the summer, I will pick a day. We have 22 students in our classroom. Also, birthday invitations are not to be sent to school to pass out unless the entire class is being invited to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.




    Kindergarten is a very big year for your child’s reading development. I will be sending decodable reading books home for your child to practice and return the following day. Attached on the book will be a Read and Respond slip. Each night, please read a Shared Story together, letting your child do as much as the reading as possible and sign the slip on that day so your child receives credit.

    In order to help your child on their reading journey, I am sending home a list of all of the sight words that we will be working on throughout this year.

     Please work with your child EVERY SINGLE NIGHT on the following tasks:

    o   Make sight word flashcards on index cards and have your child practice reading them over and over.

    o   Memory game: Make duplicates of the sight word cards and play the memory game.

    o Read with your child every night for 10-15 minutes. Right now it does not matter if you are reading to your child or he/she is reading to you

    What matters is that the children are engaged with books every night at home.




    Kindergarten is also a big year for your child's math skills. 

    Please work with your child EVERY SINGLE Night:

    o Counting up to 25 (the goal is for them to reach 100 by the end of the year)

    o Know the days of the week

    o Know the months of the year

    o Know their primary colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, black, white)

    o Students know their 2D shapes (triangle, circle, rectangle, square, hexagon, diamond, trapezoid)

    o Recognize shapes and position words (above, below, beside, next to, in between, front, back)

    o Apply everyday things to counting

     What matters is that the children are engaged and practicing at home.


    Dress Code


    WATER BOTTLES: Your child will need to have a labeled water bottle to use throughout the day. At the end of the week, the water bottle will go home with your child. It must be returned the following school day.


    ATTIRE: Please dress your child in comfortable clothes. We will be busy moving around and doing many art projects throughout the year.

     For their own safety, please do not have them wear crocs, heelys, flip-flops or sandals to school.

    Please refer to the Kindergarten Dress Code (which can be downloaded from the school website for complete information.

    Our classroom temperature changes often throughout the day. Even if your child is usually warm, we highly recommend sending a lightweight sweater or sweatshirt to school each day.

    The children frequently misplace clothing items throughout the school year. Please make sure every article of clothing your child may remove at school is clearly labeled with his/her name. This includes jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, and ALL winter gear.




    Check your child’s folder for returned work nightly. We will always put a stamp, sticker, star, or smiley face on work that we have seen and are pleased with. If we do not mark an assignment or if you see a note with additional directions, please help your child to complete the assignment and return it to school the following day.

    Your child will receive weekly homework assignments. I am providing a sight words list so you and your child will know what words we are learning throughout the school year. Additional homework assignments for the week will often be in the folder pocket labeled homework. Assignments that are habitually turned in late will be noted and reflected in your child’s Kindergarten report card. If an assignment is not in your child’s folder the next school day, it will be considered late. Please do not hand assignments to me during drop-off or pick-up. Homework that has been graded will have a star/sticker and will be in the folder pocked labeled home. Please go through the folder with your child nightly to remove graded homework and to see if there are any important notes from the school or classroom teacher.

    Read with your child every night. It is your child’s responsibility to read the materials sent home each night and review all sight words.

    Occasionally, additional special homework projects will be assigned. More information on these assignments will be sent home as they arise.


    Let's have an awesome year!


    - Ms. Kendall