Sidney Eagle Golf Team - 2018

    Coaching Staff – Ben Berg, Head Coach     Carla Berg – Assistant Coach

    Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments: 

    ·         Excused absences are family emergencies, illness, or school required activities

    ·         Players are expected to communicate with coaches if unable to attend practice or tournament

    ·         Be at bus barn for tournament travel at least 10 minutes prior to bus departure or you “might” be left

    Unexcused absences:

    ·         1st absence—suspended from next tournament

    ·         2nd absence—suspended from next 2 tournaments

    ·         3rd absence—dismissed from team

    Classroom expectations:

    ·         Maintain a 2.0 GPA

    ·         Be a positive role model in the classroom

    ·         Complete all school work prior to departure for tournaments

    In School Suspension:

    ·         1st time = Possible 1 tournament suspension

    ·         2nd time = Possible dismissal from team

    Golf Course Expectations:

    ·         Appropriate golf attire and must be tucked in.

    ·         Khaki slacks or shorts (no denim)

    ·         Hats worn correctly (hat bill forward).

    ·         Use of golf carts during practices is not allowed!

    ·         No cell phones at practice or tournaments (THEY MUST BE TURNED OFF)

    ·         No Jewelry (Earrings or any other piercing as this is against Montana State High School Association rules.)

    ·         No throwing clubs, or use of profanity will be tolerated.

    1st offense = verbal warning

    2nd offense = 1 tournament suspension

    3rd offense = 2 tournament suspension

    4th offense = dismissal from team



    Qualifying For Tournaments

    ·         Each player on the team will have the opportunity to qualify for one of the five spots for tournament play.  As the season progresses, players may only challenge for spots that they are eligible to challenge for (to be explained below).  We will have a qualifying round before each event to determine the top five for both boys and girls.  Prior to school start: Players will play 18-hole qualifiers.  Once school starts:  Players will play either one (1) or two (2) nine hole rounds weekly (based on time constraints) to determine the top 5 golfers who will represent the Eagle team as the varsity during the week.  We will carry both a varsity and JV golf team.  JV will compete in three golf tournaments throughout the year.  The hosts of out of town tournaments may limit the amount of JV golfers who will be able to travel.

    ·         Points will determine the top 5 golfers that will compete each week and comprise the varsity team for both Divisionals and State. 


    The points system will be based on each player’s finishing position for each tournament:

    o   #1 Boy/Girl = 7 Points

    o   #2 Boy/Girl = 4 Points

    o   #3 Boy/Girl = 3 Points

    o   #4 Boy/Girl = 2 Points

    o   #5 Boy/Girl = 1 Point  

    o   Event Medalist will receive 3 Extra Points


    ·         Low Boy & Girl for each tournament will be exempt from qualifying for next tournament play.

    ·         Players may only challenge for spots in which they are within 5 points of the varsity position being challenged for.

    ·         Players need to have acquired at least 1 point to challenge for Divisionals.

    ·         The team that qualifies for Divisionals will be the same team to participate in state.  Eligibility rule applying.

    ·         The coaching staff reserves the right to use discretion on leaving at least 1 spot open to challenge at all times or placing players in the case of unusual or extenuating circumstances. i.e. medical issues, etc.


    Cheating of any type during the season will not be tolerated.  Any player who is found to be cheating intentionally may be subject to immediate dismissal from the team.  Golf is a game of integrity and honesty and will be honored as such.



    Lettering Requirements:  Players must play in a minimum of 4 varsity events and/or compete in the state tournament and finish the season in order to letter.



    Weekly Practice Schedule (During School)

    Monday                       3:45 – 5:45
    Tuesday                       3:45 – 5:45
    Wednesday                  3:00 – 5:00
    Thursday                     3:45 – 5:45
    Friday                          3:45 -- 5:45  
    (On any day that the team is at a meet there will not be formal practice)