• 02/22/2023




    In an effort to identify and assist students with their mental health and wellness needs, Sidney Public Schools is utilizing the Rural Montana Behavioral Institute to provide a free screener for all students in 6th-12th grade. This screener is NOT required and any parent/guardian who does not want their student to participate is able to complete an opt-out form. The HS opt-out form was sent home with students and is available above.  


    In reviewing data that has been collected pre and post COVID, mental health issues are prevalent among teen and adolescent adults throughout the nation.  Rural areas can be especially susceptible to anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts/actions.  In response to this, we want to be able to screen all students and provide any students who shows signs and symptoms of suicidal thoughts or severe depression resources to help them through those extreme situations.


    All data collected from the screener will be done so in a way that protects the privacy of all students.  They will utilize an ID number that will only be identifiable by school counselors and principals, in the event a student is targeted as high risk.  Once identified, parents will be notified and told of the options that are available to their student.  All students in the high risk category will be given the option to seek tele-med therapy with a licensed psychiatrist or counselor to help develop an individualized plan for the student.


    Sidney High School will be starting its student screeners on Monday, February 27th.  Each student will only be given the screener 1 time initially.  The corresponding screening dates are below. 


    Monday, February 27th - Seniors

    Monday, March 6th - Juniors

    Wednesday, March 8th - Sophomores

    Monday, March 13th - Freshman

    Wednesday, March 15th - Make Up Survey



    Our district wants to do everything in our power to help our students overcome struggles both academically and emotionally.  This screener will allow us to help with the emotional wellness of our students. 




    Brent Sukut

    Sidney Public Schools, Superintendent