• Mr. Merritt
           Roger Merritt
         Homeroom: Sidney High School
                       Room 503 
     One of the main jobs of teachers and coaches is to get athletes/students to improve. Improvement requires being stretched and challenged. That is not always comfortable. Comfort seldom equates to growth. Coaches who have learned to challenge and stretch players in a caring but direct manner will see both skill and character development. As a parent you have to ask yourself if you are willing to let another adult make your child uncomfortable. Sports might be the best place for them.Coach

    Schedule 2015-16

    1st-    Automotive/Automotive Restoration
    2nd -  Coumpter Aided Drafting and Deign
    3rd & 4th - Construction 1 & 2

    5th-     Advisory 
    6th-    Cabinetry
    7th -    C & P
    8th -   STW
    Track Divrides2017 Shrine Game