• The Sidney Community Education Foundation, Inc. was formed in 2001 by concerned community members. In early 2012, directors sought a name change.  The Foundation's official name was changed to the Sidney Education and Alumni Foundation.  Additionally, the directors filed for an assumed business name with the State of Montana.  The official business name is Eagle Foundation, Inc. 

    The goal of the Foundation is to develop a long term method to finance school projects which the Foundation Board feels will enhance the quality of education in the Sidney Public Schools. An added benefit of the Foundation is to provide a method for community members to make a tax deductible contribution or to procure a tax credit by their donation to this foundation.

    Through the Foundation’s efforts, our goals are to solicit and receive public donations, gifts, contributions, grants, loans, funds, property or assets from which to make distributions for the benefit of the Sidney Public School Districts.

    Vision: Unlimited Educational Opportunities

    Mission: To promote, maintain, and improve the quality of education in the public schools of Sidney, Montana in ways that would not happen with traditional funding alone.


    1. Public Awareness
      1. Increase community awareness for the Eagle Foundation through a regularly planned and scheduled area media campaign
    2. Fundraising
      1. Tailgate barbeques will be held at 100% of home football games during the regular season
      2. Regularly sell Sidney Eagle stadium seats during the school year and at school events.
    3. Increase Donations/ Endowment
      1. Increase donation by 50% yearly
      2. Increase endowment fund 50% yearly
      3. Increase payroll deductions by 40% yearly
    4. Projects
      1. 100% of project funding will focus on academics, fine arts, and extracurricular programs.
      2. Annually fund a minimum of 3 projects.
      3. Areas of focus will be identified by May of each year.
    5. Administration
      1. All board positions will be occupied by August of each new school year
      2. A quorum will be reached at 80% of all scheduled meetings.
      3. Executive Director